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Educational Opportunities

No matter who you are, there are many ways of cultivating your intelligence and knowledge at AMGRAF. Above all, we are in the business of educating, and we believe that we are a great resource for children’s out-of-the-classroom education and for adults’ continuing education. Please get in touch today to find out about group discounts, classroom visits, guided tours, and more.

Art Gallery

Private Art Museum Tour

Take a personal tour of our entire collection. We offer educational services and resources for our guests because we are invested in actively participating in their ongoing education. Check out if our Private Art Museum Tour could be right for you and your family.


Art Expert Lecture

Explore all the amazing elements the world has to offer through our Art Expert Lecture. We take education very seriously, which is why we are always conducting research and adding new resources to our list. We want to be the go-to resource for our visitors and their research and educational needs on the topics we cover at AMGRAF.

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