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The American Graffiti & Urban Art Conservation Project (AMGRAF) is a 501c3 organization dedicated to safeguarding the extraordinary legacy of The DogTown Collection, the world’s largest collection of graffiti and urban art on canvas. It is also committed to telling the stories and sharing the history of the writers who risked life, limb and freedom to find their voices and be seen.


The AMGRAF team is passionate about preserving the history of this subculture and groundbreaking art form while fostering a profound appreciation for its cultural significance. Our canvases are historically relevant, capturing the birth and potentially short life of this uniquely American art form.

AMGRAF is creating a slate of events, including culturally enriching classes, speaker panels, and exciting art-related gatherings, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in this somewhat secretive world of graffiti art.


By supporting AMGRAF through donations and program participation, art enthusiasts and advocates alike can actively contribute to the preservation and longevity of this invaluable artistic heritage. Join them in celebrating the vibrant tapestry of graffiti and urban art and help them make a lasting impact for generations to come.

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The AMGRAF Mission

 The American Graffiti & Urban Art Conservation Project preserves and celebrates the American art of Graffiti and its ethnically diverse creators by opening our doors to the world. 

Our vast collection of unparalleled graffiti and urban art, by the greatest graffiti artists in the country, tells the story of this cultural phenomenon in America. Our exhibitions and public programs, including workshops, performances, panel discussions and publications, all serve to promote greater understanding and appreciation of Graffiti Art and artists. 


Our Story

John Carswell grew up in Southern California, watching his friends' big brothers painting murals, sharing stories and camaraderie in the streets. At a young age, John realized these murals were short-lived, only seen by few because they existed in the shadows and were quickly whitewashed by Orange County public works. 

Several decades ago, as an adult, John realized that the subculture of Graffiti and Hip Hop might not withstand the ages as some periods of art have been. Graffiti is a uniquely American art form that started in New York during periods of civil unrest, when a time when populations of people needed a voice but had no other way to be heard except to express themselves using aerosol paint. 

The cycle of creation was quick. The youth found their identities through their graf persona, they threw up their stories and the stories disappeared. Night after night after night. Living in this subculture also had its intrinsic risks. Gang violence, homelessness, addictions, street living and early death. With today's changing lifestyles and cultural shifts to digital creation or simply less and less people willing to risk their lives by telling their stories through graffiti, the art is disappearing.

John saw the beginning of the end in the 1990s and thus began his journey to find the OGs on both coasts to recreate some of their most iconic pieces on canvas. From Cope and Incabod on the East Coast to Skill and Black Light King on the West Coast, the Carswell Family has, by what they call "accidentally," amassed this unequaled art collection: The DogTown Collection, which continues to grow through commissions.

John wanted to find a way to share this graffiti history with the world and found a home for the Collection at the APEX Art and Culture Center in Everett, Wash. in 2022. After searching for the perfect space, our historic building became available and he purchased it and began restoration several months later. 

Our Board of Directors

Our Staff

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Baby G Carswell


John Carswell

Executive Director

Sherry Jennings

Director of Marketing, Public Relations &

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